Tax Investigations

Your Tax Affairs Are Usually Only Investigated When Fraud Is Suspected

The investigations vary slightly in seriousness, but are all on the most serious side of the HMRC spectrum, from the COP9 and COP8 to VAT investigations and PAYE investigations, you require expert help as soon as possible.

Generally, it is when HMRC suspect you to be taking part in tax fraud that they will be investigating you, with some investigations such as the Code Of Practice 9 investigation being reserved exclusively for suspected tax fraud.

Depending On The Seriousness Of Your Offense, Years Of Prison Time And Hefty Fines Are On The Table

The punishment for committing tax fraud varies widely along with the amount of tax in which irregularities are suspected and the channel in which HMRC are using to investigate you. You can be looking at a prison sentence and fine – potentially 200% of tax due – if you don’t have experienced and reputable representation.

But You Don’t Need To Be Having Sleepless Nights Wondering If You Will Be Able To Keep Your Home

Our team of experts including ex-HMRC investigators that have helped build the systems that they are using to investigate you have a history of keeping our clients out of jail and the penalties at a minimum. Again, it does depend on the avenue that HMRC are using to pursue you, but we can potentially get you immunity from criminal prosecution whilst leaving you liable to only 30% of tax due.

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