Tax Avoidance & Evasion Penalties

The Penalties For Tax Evasion And Avoidance Are Heavy, With The Potential For 200% Of Tax Due Being Demanded

If HM Revenue & Customs suspect that you are committing tax fraud of any variety, they will pursue you to recover the irregularities. There are various formats for the investigations and types of tax irregularity that they will investigate you for, with some of them even carrying a prison sentence as a possibility.

A 200% tax penalty means that if you have evaded £10,000 of tax a year for the past 5 years, you’ll have to pay £100,000 back. This is only the case in specific cases, but is entirely possible for HMRC to do.

Whether you have or haven’t been contacted by HMRC yet, we can help you.

With Proper Representation, This Can Potentially Be Reduced By 170% With Assurance Against Criminal Prosecution

Our team is arguably the best in the world, with experts including those who have helped designed the investigations and other ex-HMRC professionals. With our help, you could be paying just 30% of the tax you have avoided. Using the example above, this reduces the £100000 to just £15000.

Contacting Us As Soon As Possible Increases The Chance Of A Favourable Settling