Tax Amnesty

Tax Amnesties Are A Time Sensitive Opportunity For You To Pay A Specific Amount In Exchange For Forgiveness Of Tax Liability, Including Interest And Penalties

Tax amnesties are designed by governments to encourage tax payers to own up about their tax irregularities without fear of criminal prosecution. In exchange for paying a defined amount, HMRC forgive previous tax liability and allow you to start again with a clean slate.

The interesting thing about the current UK tax amnesties are that anyone can join, whereas traditionally they are only open to select groups of people.

By Having A Reputable Advisor, You Can Find Yourself Paying No Penalty

We have teams of extremely experienced advisors with years of victories behind them, and they also include ex-HMRC investigators with inside knowledge of the systems. All of this means that under certain circumstances you could pay no penalty at all whilst still clearing your name of unpaid taxes and preventing further prosecution.

However, if you don’t get the correct representation then there is the potential for high penalties and further escalation which isn’t ideal for any of the parties involved and can be very stressful.

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