Panama Papers Defence Solicitors

In April 2016, 11.5 million documents created by Mossack Fonseca were leaked. This has lead to a substantial number of private individuals, public officials, and international institutions being implicated in crimes from tax evasion and fraud, to kleptocracy and organised crime. It was these documents which were dubbed the “Panama Papers.”

As such, where appropriate, international authorities are taking actions against those implicated. In such a large-scale and highly-publicised case, it is important to react firmly to any allegations. In addition, if you suspect you may be implicated, there are steps you can take before being accused of wrongdoing.

For tax cases, these can include voluntary disclosures to help protect against much harsher penalties if HMRC find you first. We can also help in criminal cases, with our vast experience in serious organised crime cases.

As one of the UK’s leading white collar crime and criminal law firms, Bark&co are in a compelling position to represent against any allegations made against you or your company.

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