New HMRC Powers

The Government Want To Make It A Criminal Offense To Hold Undeclared Offshore Money, With Intent To Evade Tax Now Irrelevant

Under the proposed plans, it will no longer be up to HMRC to prove that you are guilty of tax evasion and instead up to you to prove that you are not. This is a huge step by HMRC that shows they are taking tax evasion extremely seriously.

This shift of the burden of proof now means that intent to evade tax is irrelevant and assumed unless you can prove otherwise.

Being A Criminal Offense, Those With Undeclared Offshore Money Could Face Prison Sentences And Huge Fines

The large attack on tax evasion that HMRC are currently launching is heavily armed, with the power to make you liable to very large fines and even a prison sentence. These potential penalties mean that without HMRC needing to prove intent, it is very dangerous.

If You Have Undeclared Offshore Money, Now Is Not Only The Most Likely Time To Get Caught, But Also The Worst Yet

We have a tried, tested and audited system in place to ensure you no longer have to fear the far-reaching powers of new HMRC legislation. This involves declaring these monies and getting immunity from criminal proceedings, whilst keeping your tax liability at an absolute minimum.

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