Money Laundering

The Complex Crime Of Money Laundering Carries Hefty Penalties And Requires Specialist Representation

Money laundering is a process in which dirty money, which is usually a proceed of cash heavy crime such as drug dealing and illegal arms trade, is ‘laundered’ to be made clean and appear legitimate.

In an effort to combat organised crime and terrorism, there are now far reaching laws and regulations designed to make it ever harder to lander money. Unfortunately, this also means that the authorities do sometimes incorrectly suspect an individual or business of money laundering.

As such, businesses are required to adhere to guidelines to avoid inadvertently being part of a money laundering effort. For example, accountants must adhere strictly to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and businesses who deal with large sums of money should make sure that they are dealing with who they say they are by obtaining official identification.

Whether intentional or not, money laundering prosecutions have long reaching and damaging effects. Prosecutors can even charge your family, friends and employees if they believe that they should have been aware that their income had been coming from crime or illegitimate means. Even before being proven guilty, your assets can be restrained having a damaging effect on your business or personal life.

Without Proper Defense, You Could Be Looking At Lengthy Sentences And Large Fines

This does depend on the circumstances, but it is universally agreed that money laundering is a serious crime. Especially in recent years with the rise of money laundering being used to move funds into terrorist hands, anti terrorism laws now cover some money laundering activities.

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