Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility

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What is the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility?

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) was set up to allow UK residents with unpaid tax to disclose their income to HMRC. This includes where offshore companies have been used to evade tax, overseas property bought using undeclared income and any other untaxed income paid into offshore bank accounts anywhere in the world.

The LDF is the first disclosure facility that allows tax payers to disclose their tax irregularities which are connected with any offshore bank account or tax evading structure, without the fear of prosecution.

The LDF is available from 1st September 2009 until 5th April 2016.

Why you should consider the LDF

  • You’re guaranteed to be immue from any prosecution related to tax related offences you may have committed
  • You can discuss your case openly and honestly with HMRC in complete confidentially without sharing any personal details before making the disclosure
  • You’re only liable for tax owed since 6th April 1999 compared to the standard 20 years
  • Inheritance tax liabilities are also only backdated to 6th April 1999, compared to the zero limitation under normal circumstances
  • You can come clean about previous assets or monies you failed to disclose during a previous investigation

Are you eligible?

If you hold any undisclosed tax liabilities connected with any assets in Liechtenstein before 1st September 2009, or if you acquire an asset or an interest in an asset in Liechtenstein anytime between 2nd September 2009 and 5th April 2016.

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