Frozen Bank Account

Banks Often Fail To Cooperate With Individuals With The Urgency Needed – We Can Help

Having your business or personal bank account frozen can be a huge blow to your financial situation, especially with bills and employees to pay. It is often that after freezing, banks can be uncooperative with individuals and fail to reply with the urgency that such a situation requires.

Whether you have or haven’t committed the fraud that you are being accused of, we can usually have your bank account partially or completely unfrozen in a timely manner. This helps you continue with day to day life whilst any other proceedings are ongoing.

Why Has My Bank Account Been Frozen?

Usually when you know that fraud has been a contributing factor, HMRC or a member of the criminal justice system would have already been in touch. However, often banks themselves are hesitant to reply and give reasoning to the individual or organization involved without the involvement of a specialised party.

This Is Where We Come In

Our teams of experts are available to assist you in a variety of manners, from conversing with the bank to assist you in getting your assets released to the criminal proceedings.

With experts who have previously worked inside HRMC, we have an inside knowledge of how the proceedings pan out and how to get the most of your assets unfrozen and back into your control.

Act Now To Have Your Assets In Your Control As Soon As Possible

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