Employee Benefits Trust

In The Past Employee Benefit Trusts Were Used To Efficiently Avoid Taxes, Now They Are A Mine Field And HMRC Are Actively Pursuing Users

Employee Benefit Trusts, or EBTs, have been used extensively from as early on as 1960, but only recently have they started to be aggressively attacked by HMRC in an attempt to reclaim lost tax through penalties.

If you have used or are currently using an EBT, it is imperative that you get in touch as soon as possible for a tax health check. This is in order to make sure that you are prepared for the next wave of HMRC investigations.

HMRC have just hired 2000 new investigators and are extremely serious about cracking down on avoidance as well as claiming back unpaid taxes – up to 200% of what you should’ve paid.

By Doing A Health Check, We’ll Tell You If You Have Anything To Worry About And Solve The Problem If There Is

When we do a health check of your tax affairs, we’ll look over your tax history and make sure everything is in order. If you are at risk of being pursued by HMRC, we will minimise that risk for the time being and potentially start no win no fee legal action against the administrator of your scheme. This would be due to mis-managing the scheme or mis-selling in most cases.

We teams of extremely talented experts that includes ex-HMRC investigators, giving us inside knowledge which ultimately helps you – our client.

Make Sure You Are Ready For A Letter From HMRC And Potential Investigation – Contact Us Now