COP 9 – Code Of Practice 9

The COP9 Can Be A Dangerous Document If Not Dealt With Immediately – Do Not Delay

If you have received a COP9, you have only 60 days to decide what route you are going to take and issue a response – ideally within the first couple of days to promote the idea of cooperation. Failure to do so can result in you being treated as non-cooperative and a criminal investigation.

Why Have I Received A COP9?

Receiving a COP9 happens in cases that HMRC strongly suspect that large scale tax fraud is taking place, this is a very serious happening and failing to act appropriately can result in a criminal investigation, your home and business premises being raided by police in order to obtain the correct records and items or assets of monetary value and more. Upon receiving receiving a COP9, you must respond within 60 days, it is therefore imperative that you contact us as soon as possible to avoid HMRC treating your lack of response as non-cooperation.

What We Can Do

Our outstandingly experienced team contains ex HMRC investigators who have inside knowledge of the process. We will help you negotiate a very fair final statement, and often reduce penalties due, we can also negotiate on your behalf an affordable and reasonable payment of any tax and penalties due.

What You Should Do

The first thing that you should do is contact us in order to have an appointed advisor. This is recommended by both us and HMRC. From here you and our advisors will work together closely to sort out the situation.

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